Northern Kung Fu

Norther Kung Fu - Both Hua Fist and Cha Fist are both known for large, wide, fluid motions, and long range attacks gapping the distance against the opponent. Weapons and set fights are also emphasized in both styles in later stages of training.

Hua Fist Classes:

  • This is a direct no-nonsense approach art.
  • Emphasis is on basic poster, strength, speed, and endurance.
  • Stresses the fundamentals of traditional Kung Fu.
  • Attacks and defence are continuous and agile.


Cha Fist Classes:

  • Builds on fundamentals from Hua Fist classes.
  • Quick, agile movements mixed with sudden stops and steady stances.
  • Graceful, continuous, and rhythmic in execution.
  • Strength and force are generated abruptly, energy is used sparingly, and foot-work emphasizes shuffles, sudden leaps and jumps.
  • The boxing method incorporates use of both hands and feet simultaneously.
    Continuous attacks are employed in combination with tactics to evade and deceive the opponent.